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AbLearn more about Barry and Nicola Watsonout Barry…

“Hi there. I was born and bred in New Zealand. I am a fun loving ‘Kiwi’ who has a good sense of humor and a contagious passion for life. My go-getter attitude and knowhow has inspired many people to realize their potential and achieve their goals.

In terms of relationships, sadly, many of the topics I cover in my book and speaking engagements are lessons learned through mistakes I’ve made in my marriage. My bad behavior lead us to separate twice and almost get a divorce. Desperate, and not knowing what to do, I finally got help and made some radical changes in my life.

It’s the no nonsense and practical skills I’ve learned during our struggles, that I would now like to share with you, either through my books, social media or in person. Whether the relationship you’re in right now is rocking or on the rocks, my hope is that I can help you to become stronger and more fulfilled as a person and as a couple.”

About Nicola…

“Hi, my name is Nicola Watson. I was born in the UK and moved with my parents to New Zealand when I was a child. Most of my adult life has been spent raising our two daughters and working for 30 years as a nurse; specializing in cardiology.

As a youngster, I had a strong conviction of what I wanted in a relationship. Due to aspects of my past, I wasn’t going to allow a man to over step my boundaries and hurt me. My personal values and strength have been tested through our marriage, and we are now a lot stronger because of the changes and commitments we have made.”

We both now live in the USA, and have recently celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.